In order to start with mobile betting, you will first have to create an active account at a bookmaker’s website. This is quick and easy, and should take just a few moments of time. The user will simply have to enter required details, such as a name, email address, physical address, and phone number. After this is done a confirmation email or SMS may be sent, after which the account will become active. Now funds will have to be sent to the account in order to start placing bets, which will require entering bank details. Upon sending funds, they should appear in the account instantly. You are now ready to start placing bets.

If wanting to withdraw winnings from an online account to a bank account, this is also a quick and easy process. Simply select the option to withdraw, indicate the desired amount, and tap the button to complete the withdrawal. Remember that withdrawing money may take longer that depositing, money, as banks have their own internal procedure. Allow at least 5 – 8 working days before the cash appears in our bank account.

Examining the World of Mobile Betting

Betting on sports is popular throughout the world, and in fact has been popular for about as long as sports themselves have existed. Only, in days of old a person was required to physically visit a bookmaker in order to place legal bets. Today, bets can be placed with incredible convenience, using the power of the internet coupled with the power of modern mobile devices. It has never been faster or easier, and bet makers of just a decade ago would have looked on our modern situation and turned green with envy.

If you enjoy betting on sports, and have not yet tried mobile online betting, consider this brief article a guide on some of the pros involved in using a mobile device as a portable betting station. We will look at which mobile devices are supported, what kind of internet connection is required, and briefly go through the steps required to start betting on a mobile device. We will also explain a bit more about sports betting itself, such as how odds work in a sports betting situation.


As a first step, it is important to understand that all mobile betting is 100% legal and regulated. Online bookmakers are licensed, and abide by all gambling rules and regulations. If a betting website fails an audit it will be shit down immediately, which is good news for those who partake in mobile betting. This does not mean that bet makers should not be careful, however, as there are websites out there that are not 100% trustworthy. Thankfully, these untrustworthy bad apples are few and far between, and a website’s reputation can usually quickly be confirmed with a quick Google search.

Mobile Devices Supported

Generally most mobile device can be used for mobile betting Nigeria sites. Modern smart phones and tablets are extremely powerful, and will run a bookmaker’s website, or application, without any problems at all. New model devices are not required, and if a device can surf the internet, it can most likely be used for mobile betting apps. Even if the device is years old, it should still serve this purpose without any significant issues. A newer model device will very likely be faster, but speed is not a necessity for simply placing bets and collecting winnings.

There is also no real benefit to having an Android or Apple device in these circumstances, and both will work perfectly well for placing online bets. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that not every bookmaker is guaranteed to have a dedicated application for both Android and Apple devices. The website may be accessed by both operating systems, but in terms of a dedicated application, the user will have to check for the specific software that works for their operating system. If you find that an online bookmaker does not have an Android or Apple application, as you require, simply look elsewhere.

Making Mobile Wagers

Internet Requirements

Online bookmakers require an active internet connection in order to work. On mobile devices this is directly related to the current signal the device has, which can be seen as the signal indicator. Most modern devices support 3G speeds and beyond, which are more than enough to run a bookmaker’s website. Even 2G signals will function, although may result in delays. Either way, an active signal must be available for a website to function, which means that it is essential a user confirm they have an active connection before attempting to place bets. Keep in mind that a bookmaker’s website cannot be help responsible for your device not having good reception.

In most cases it is a good idea to connect to a WiFi signal, which will provide much better reception than a device is capable of alone. If WiFi is not available, ensure that signal strength is strong before accessing a betting website. It goes without saying that dedicated applications require signal strength as much as websites themselves.

More About Odds

Most are likely already familiar with how odds work in sports wagering like in the UFC betting, but it never hurts to have a quick refresher. Odds are assigned to sports teams and players in order to indicate not only how likely the team or player is to win, but also how much will be paid out, should the bet be a success. Sport betting is a game of risk versus reward, so there is always more payout on a team or player considered less likely to succeed.

For example, odds of 1/10 are high, which means that the bet is a bit of a long shot. Upon the bet winning, however, the payout will be considerable. A bet of 10$ would result in a payout of $100, which is pretty exceptional. Odds of 1/2, however, are very low, which means that the team or player is considered likely to win. Since the bet has less risk attached, the payouts are not good at all. A bet of 10$ would payout only $20. Hence, why betting on the underdog may be risky, but is certainly rewarding if successful.