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DISCOVERY CIRCUMSTANCE:  This object was our first to be discovered through true collaboration.  Data from 3 observatories was required to obtain the initial designation.  The evening of April 27, 2001 was our first observing session for the 2001 season.  We began a search pattern, but aborted due to mechanical problems.  The images from this partial run were never processed.  In 2002 we began an archiving project of all our images.  We happened to spot this relatively bright (mV 18.2) object in 3 images, but they only spanned 15 minutes of time and we had no followup coverage.  Using this tiny arc, we managed to locate the object in NEAT images taken 11 days later!  We then found matching observations from LONEOS April 15 and May 14 2001.  We were awarded the designation 2001 HO67 based on this 1-month arc.

It was then linked to a pair of 1998 sightings by LINEAR (originally designated 1998 RH64).  Thus, the discovery was reassigned to LINEAR.

What we accomplished were greatly improved orbital elements for this object.  With additional precoveries, we extended the 2001 arc to nearly 4-months, and some late 2002 sightings made this a 3-opposition orbit with U=2 (orbital "uncertainty" level).

Thanks to help of our detective work, this object now has been recovered in several of its oppositions and has received the permanent minor planet designation of "82231."