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The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre, in conjunction with MPC643, held a minor planet naming campaign.  This was coordinated by Dr. Ralph Chou and Andy Schuh of the Toronto Centre.  They were assisted by Leslie Harvey, Katrina Ince-Lum and Guy Nason.  Their nominations were received in March 2006.

Originally, MPC643 had committed to only one name from the Toronto Centre. However, their naming committee submitted five interesting, historically important, well thought out nominations that three were submitted to the IAU.

Two have been accepted by the IAU:
"Johnpercy" submitted by Peter Broughton
"Mairepercy" submitted by Guy Nason

The third was not accepted by the IAU:
"Aeneas" submitted by Leslie Harvey

MPC643 is very proud of the work done by Leslie Harvey in selecting the name "Aeneas" for asteroid number 51339.  This is the third time that we have submitted a name for #51339 and had it rejected; a great disappointment for us.  The asteroid is a "Trojan" in a syncronous orbit with Jupiter, hovering in the Langarian L5 point.  It is also the largest in size of the MPC643 asteroid discoveries.  RASC and Leslie Harvey are being given another opportunity to select a name for this asteroid for submittal to the IAU.

MPC643 wishes to thank everyone for their involvement.  It was truly an enjoyable experience working with our neighbors to the North.

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