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2002RN232:  We discovered this highly unusual object when re-processing NEAT images.  The dim magnitude 20.5 object appears in images from 4 dates in September, 2002.  The small, 2-km object was at opposition. We quickly determined that its strange orbit takes it from the Main Belt (2.7 AU) all the way out to Jupiter's orbit (5.2 AU).  Its period is 7.83 years, placing it in a 3:2 orbital resonance with Jupiter.  We had discovered it near perihelion.  When it is out by Jupiter it will only be magnitude 24.  It did not get brighter than magnitude 21 again until 2010.  Given our short orbital arc, we are fortunate that it was imaged on that apparation.  We can now have hope that it will be numbered and that we will have its discovery credit.