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ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA ─  Three minor planet names accepted from the Toronto Centre.
DEEP IMPACT ─  Taken by MPC643 at Joshua Tree National Park.
SUPERNOVA IN POPULAR GALAXY ─  Supernova 2005cs spotted on June 27, 2005 by Wolfgang Kloehr in Germany.
JOVIAN TROJAN DISCOVERED ─  Objects sharing Jupiter's orbit are relatively rare finds.
NEO RECOVERED ─  We caught this Mars-crosser which had been lost for 3 years.
HERMES SPOTTED DURING FLYBY ─  Lost for 66 years, this NEO has been recovered and we managed to image it.
CO-ORBITALS DISCOVERED ─ These 2 main-belters practically share an orbit, leading to speculation that they are remains of a recent collision.
TINY HILDA DISCOVERED ─ This fortuitous rare find of a Hilda object is made even more incredible due to its size.
ASTEROIDS WE'VE NAMED ─  Many of our discoveries were named during our International Naming Campaign.
TELETRANSPORTATION ─  Minor White's latest windmill.