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LIST ALL:  The "List All" page lists all the 64 discovery submittals by MPC643.  To date, 49 of the discovery submittals have been "numbered."  This means that the discoveries will remain credited to MPC643 in perpetuity.

Two of the submitted discoveries are still credited to MPC643 but have not been numbered.  Both have been recovered over multiple oppositions and should someday be numbered which would give MPC643 a total of 51 minor planet discoveries credited by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Five of the discovery submittals have been reassigned to other observatories.  See explain to understand reassignment of minor planet discoveries.

The minor planets of nine of the discovery submittals by MPV643 are lost.  Again to understand how a discovery can be lost see explain.

LIST NAMED:  Fourteen of the minor planets discovered by MPC643 have been named.  Admittedly, the naming of minor planets is a vanity thing; but a nice vanity thing.  However, because of the work load at the Minor Planet Center, they have stopped accepting names for minor planets.  MPC643 has enjoyed and we are still proud of the minor planets that we have named.  Through an international naming contest that we held for our discoveries, we were able to meet and appreciate many of our astronomical comrades.

EXPLAIN:  The "Explain" page give the logic behind the numbering of minor planets, why some of the discoveries are reassigned and how a discovery can become lost.