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Naming Citation:   WILLIAMKUHN = (40457) = 1999 RG43
Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on September 3, 1999.  This was our first asteroid discovery.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities opened up to us by the Kuhn telescope.  It provided us with the platform from which we were able to test unique techniques for processing and reducing images. As a result, we discovered several additional minor planets.

We recognize William Kuhn (1918 - 2003) for providing us with this platform.  Mr. Kuhn has spent his life helping others in the field of astronomy.  He has contributed generously to the astronomy classes of Orange County's colleges and universities, and has helped many amateurs design and complete their own telescopes.  In honor of him, we have obtained acceptance by the IAU for the following official naming citation:

"William Kuhn lived in Orange, CA USA.  He designed and directed the building of the 57cm Kuhn telescope at Anza California for the Orange County Astronomers.  This telescope has been used for the discovery of numerous asteroids.  Mr. Kuhn dedicated his life to educating, assisting and inspiring astronomers of all ages."