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Naming Citation:   TOMCAVE = (62503) = 2000 SL233
Tom Cave
Tom Cave
Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on September 30, 2000, in a dense Milky Way field in Sagittarius.  Tracking for adequate orbital determination required quick software customization.  Thomas Cave was an amateur astronomer who built his first telescope at age 11.  Over a period of decades, he published countless sketches and observations, particularly of the planets.  More than 3000 of his Mars drawings have been published. He was also an enthusiast of telescope building who helped many others in the construction of their telescopes.

The official IAU naming citation reads:

"Thomas Roland Cave III (1923 - 2003) was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.  He was a reknowned planetary observer with a special interest in Mars.  Tom's planetary observations cover more than fifty years and were well published.  He shared his observatory willingly and helped numerous astronomy enthusiasts in the building of their own telescopes."

This name was proposed by the Rev. Monsignor Royer during our naming campaign.  Rev. Monsignor Royer was a long-time friend of Tom Cave.  He is also an active member of AAVSO, and a well-known amateur astronomer whose tricolor photographic work has been widely published.  His camera was used on the 100" Mt. Wilson telescope during the comet Khoutek apparition.  Asteroid #5208 bears his name.