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Naming Citation:   Mairepercy = (32207) = 2000 OQ7
Maire Percy

Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid August 15, 2001, at mV 19.2.  We successfully recovered it on August 27 and September17.  Contributions from surveys helped to establish a solid 3-month arc for the opposition.

The official citation reads:
  "Dr. Maire Percy's research at the University of Toronto is the study of risk factors for human disease.  It involves the identification of factors which could lead to the cure or prevention of certain serious human disorders.  Disorders presently being studied include Alzheimer disease and Alzheimer-like dementia in Down syndrome, and diabetes.  She is the wife of John R. Percy."  

The name Mairepercy was proposed by Guy Nason, a member of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (R.A.S.C.) - Toronto Centre.