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Naming Citation:   JOHN SCHUTT = (61190) = 2000 NF29
Copyright 2001 by Larry R. Nittler
Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on July 1, 2000, in a dense Milky Way field in Scorpio.  It was found during an attempt to recover another discovery, but was also lost after 15 days, to be recovered again in 2001.  This asteroid has a unique orbit which does not fit any convention orbital families.

John Schutt is a geologist from Seattle, WA, USA who has worked in many different parts of the world, including the Arctic.  He has participated in many Antarctican expeditions searching for meteorites, and has recovered over 10,000 of these.  He also serves as a professional mountain guide.
The official citation reads:
  "John Schutt has served for more than two decades as a member of the yearly field teams sent by the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) Program to Antarctica. He assists in the planning of these expeditions and, as an expert mountaineer, plays a key role in assuring the expeditions are executed safely and efficiently."  

John Schutt's name was proposed by Scott Sandford during our naming campaign.  Scott is a research scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center.  He has also served on several ANSMET expeditions.  He currently is co-investigator for the STARDUST project, which successfully returned dust from comet 81P/Wild-2 to Earth on January 2006 for analysis.