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Naming Citation:   MEDKEFF = (41450) = 2000 LF15
Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on June 1, 2000, in a dense Milky Way field in Scorpius.

Jeff Medkeff is a long-time astronomy enthusiast with many published articles and papers to his credit.  Professionally he is a computer expert who also distributes free software and information for automated observatories.

The official citation reads:
  "Jeff Medkeff was born in 1960 in Akron, OH, U.S.A.  Jeff has provided help and distributed free software for robotic operations of observatories, telescope control, data reduction and automatic submission of results to the Minor Planet Center.  In this way, he has contributed to the discovery and photometric observations of thousands of asteroids."  

Jeff Medkeff's name was proposed by Michael Bakich during our naming campaign.  Michael is an astronomy author and editor who has also served as a planetarium consultant.