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Naming Citation:   HEALY = (66479) = 1999 RQ33
Healy Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on September 3, 1999.  This main-belt asteroid was numbered in September 2003.

David Healy has served as a Contributing Editor of ASTRONOMY Magazine. Along with software designer Jeff Medkeff (41450 Medkeff) Healy established Junk Bond Observatory (MPC Site Code 701) near Sierra Vista, Arizona, in 1999. This site has received more than 200 designations, and continues its work of searching for Potentially Hazardous Asteroids and following up others' NEO discoveries. Healy, a member of the Huachuca Astronomy Club (37163 Huachucaclub), has enjoyed some success in combating light pollution in southeastern Arizona and in introducing young people to observational astronomy via star parties at JBO and at schools and camps.

The official citation reads:
  "David Healy (born 1936, Los Angeles, CA USA) established Junk Bond Observatory (701 Sierra Vista) primarily for visual work, asteroid recovery and measurement.  While engaged in this valuable work, JBO has been the site of over 60 asteroid discoveries, David, a pioneering astrophotographer, was an original contributor to Burnham's Celestial Handbook.  

This name was proposed by Michael Bakich during our naming campaign.   Michael is an astronomy author and editor who has also served as a planetarium consultant.