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Naming Citation:   ALINAFIOCCA = (21684) = 1999 RR33

Minor White and Myke Collins discovered this asteroid on September 3, 1999.  At the time, this asteroid was 221 million km from Earth.  It is only about 3 km in size.  This was our first asteroid to be named.

Alina Fiocca, a young daughter of close friends, inspires Minor by her ability to cheerfully overcome daily obstacles in life.

The official IAU naming citation reads:

"Alina Terese Fiocca is a special little girl who was born with Down's syndrome.  She is a bright and beautiful princess, a daily inspiration in her ability to love unconditionally and give wholeheartedly.  Her good cheer and warmth towards everyone brings a smile to all who meet her. Alina is a heavenly person; any celestial body would be honored by sharing her name."