Astronomical Research
Dedicated to expanding human knowledge
Astronomy is a labor of love for the members of MPC643.  It seems to be inherent in astronomers to spread this love.  We appreciate the opportunity to meet and to work with so many who share our feelings.  Feel free to drop us a friendly note about yourself.

We have made friends from Japan, Hawaii, Canada and Europe through astronomy and we value each and every contact.  Some of these friends deserve special mention:

Michael Bakich — for his support with our Asteroid Naming Campaign
Karen Cilevitz — for her "joke-of-the-day"
Brian Marsden — for his patience with the amateur astronomers
Charlie Oosdyke — for his patience in scheduling us on the Kuhn Telescope
Babara Toy — for her support with our Asteroid Naming Campaign

And to all the unnamed people who have shown an interest in and contributed to our astronomy activities.