Astronomical Research
Dedicated to expanding human knowledge
MPC643 was created April, 1999 with the mission to advance minor planet research.   Minor White, as the senior astronomer, created custom software and search techniques which made our asteroid discoveries possible in spite of frustrating equipment.  His knowledge took our techniques to new technical levels.
MinorMinor is a survivor of the Xtreme ranging from a Submarine Officer in WWII through mountain climbing and being a wilderness leader for the Sierra Club.  As a Principal Scientist in aerospace research, he holds patents, wrote two sections in the 1960's ASM handbook, was responsible for the attitude control propellant for the X-15 Rocket Ship.  For retirement, Minor wrote the math library for a super-computer.

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Myke Myke had a childhood interest in astronomy, a trait common among astronomers. After establishing himself into a career in the software industry, his thoughts returned to his childhood hobby. His interests has changed to planetary science, and especially orbital mechanics.  When not calculating orbits, Myke likes to go snowboarding.

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